Our researches fall into three categories:
   1- Aphid Systematics and Taxonomy
       A) Aphid fauna of Iran (including aphid parasitoids)
       B) Aphid fauna of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan (Looking for collaborators)
   2- Aphid Ecology (mostly Community Ecology)
       A) Artemisia aphids
Study of community structure and multi-trophic interactions in an aphid community using Artemisia sieberi(Asteraceae) and its aphids (including Macrosiphoniella kermanensis) as a model system.
       B) Canola aphids
Focus on the effects of host plant (mainly host plant genotype) on higher trophic levels (aphids and their parasitoids) and the role of indirect interactions on the community structure.
   3- Aphids Biological Control
       A) Aphis gossypii in the greenhouses
Applied studies on how to control Aphis gossypii using non chemical methods especially using of parasitoids and predators in the greenhouses.