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Homa Mohseni successfully defended her Master Thesis entitled “Investigating the effects of drought stress and mycorrhizal fungi on bean plant and green pea aphid”.

Congratulations Homa, on successful defense, thank you for your work and all the best in your future professional career (20 September 2022)

Paper published: A new species of Metopolophium Mordvilko, 1914 (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Aphidinae) on Rosa beggeriana from Iran (12 September 2022)

Paper published: A new species of the aphid genus Uroleucon Mordvilko, 1914 (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Aphididae) on Launaea acanthodes from Iran (12 September 2022)


Our researches fall into four categories:

1- Aphid Systematics and Taxonomy

A) Aphid fauna of Iran (including aphid parasitoids)

B) Aphid fauna of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan (Looking for collaborators)

2- Aphid Ecology (mostly Community Ecology)

3- Host Plant Resistance to Aphids

4- Aphids Biological Control